Hawaiian Tortilla Pizza

Hawaiian is my least favourite pizza flavour. Ham and pineapple don't excite me well enough. The advantage of making homemade pizza, you can always add ingredients according to your liking. A few weeks back, I featured an easy thin crust pizza recipe. Today, I'm writing about pizza again! Now no need to panic, this recipe doesn't involve mixing and kneading. In fact, it's easy as 1-2-3.

Tomato Baguette and Cream Cheese

With all the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forget to eat healthy or nourish ourselves with good food. Fast food restaurants keep sprouting here and there. Junk foods and chips lined the aisles of supermarkets. One thing is for certain, we don't have to compromise the food we eat. There are so many recipes and I really need to emphasise on MANY recipes for anyone to try.

It doesn't need to be fancy, it could be as simple as today's #SundayCooking recipe -- Tomato Baguette and Cream Cheese. (Adapted recipe from ABeautifulMess)

Thin Crust Tuna Pizza w/ Tom Yao Sprouts

One of my guilty pleasures is surfing the web for Quick and Easy Recipes (Oops yes, that's my typical search term). I'm on the look out for recipes I could try over the weekend that wouldn't consume much of the day but at the same time, it should be something different and exciting that's worthy of posting on this blog :P.

During one of my recipe hunts, I stumbled upon this thin crust recipe from ABeautifulMess. The ingredients are already available at home so I thought "Hmmm. Making pizza from scratch. I can try that". I enlisted the aid of my brother because 1.) I don't know how to operate the mixer 2.) He's the one with culinary experience and he actually made lots of pizza during his internship.

Grilled Honey Bananas

For the banana lovers out there, here is something quick and easy to do this wonderful Sunday! I could have this as an early morning snack or a great after meal dessert. It's up to you! Personally, I don't like plain bananas so adding a bit of honey and cinnamon make a great difference.

Baked Potato Chips

Today is not a Sunday but in some parts of the world, it still is! Ha! Excuses! I just cannot wait to share this new recipe that I've tried this morning. If you know me, I love watching television series (and eating). Sometimes, I would crave really bad for some potato chips so instead of reaching for that bag of processed goodness, why not make your own?

Breakfast Omelette

I honestly believe that I'm a breakfast person. I love a good sunny side up egg, toast and bacon. Add on a nice cup of tea to the mix and I'm one happy kid. Another breakfast meal that I enjoy are omelettes. You can mix and match ingredients, add the whisked eggs and you have a full meal in itself. 

I've recently discovered the wonders of a non-stick pan. For the longest time, I make omelettes using a regular pan but now I'm a non-stick pan convert. *wink*

Cool Off

When I get sad, I tend to eat a lot. There's something about feeling full that makes me think that "Everything is going to be okay." That's the old me talking right there. Now, I heed to my tendency to stuff just about anything edible in my mouth because 1.) Fat is not a good look for me 2.) After feeling full, I'm left with regrets 3.) I'm really trying my best to eat healthy. 

Still, I would be a hypocrite if I say I don't give in to the cravings. It's November but the temperature is so hot especially during the afternoon that it's definitely nice to eat something cold. Initially, I would resolve to a pint of ice cream but I found the next best thing -- Sorbet!
| Sorbet /ˈsɔːbeɪ; bɪta water ice made from fruit juice, egg whites, milk, etc (Dictionary.com)
This frozen concoction and flavour is such a delight. Arce Dairy's Calamansi Lemon has this sweet and tangy taste that is so refreshing making it perfect for the hot weather.

As a bonus, it's inexpensive. A pint is only PHP 67. Not only that, they say this is a healthier fare. ;)

Consuming one right now as I hit the Publish button. 


When I was in high school, I used to write a blog with topics as mundane as my feelings to the more serious things in life. I could write just about anything, baring all the angst, drama and carefree thoughts that I have for the whole web to read. Somehow, things changed. I lost my writing mojo. I would spend hours staring at the blinking cursor and I couldn't even write a single paragraph. Writing has been overwhelming for me that at some point in my career, it has become a weary job. I would write blog posts and news about scientific instruments, medical jargon and other things that sadly I really don't have a clue. It become so daunting to write something raw, candid or personal.

Here I am now, back to square one. I even bought a domain to inspire myself to write more, explore new places or share random discoveries. I guess, you'll read more about me on my little space.

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