Breakfast Omelette

I honestly believe that I'm a breakfast person. I love a good sunny side up egg, toast and bacon. Add on a nice cup of tea to the mix and I'm one happy kid. Another breakfast meal that I enjoy are omelettes. You can mix and match ingredients, add the whisked eggs and you have a full meal in itself. 

I've recently discovered the wonders of a non-stick pan. For the longest time, I make omelettes using a regular pan but now I'm a non-stick pan convert. *wink*


- Eggs
- Can of Whole Button Mushrooms (It's a matter of preference but I like buying the whole mushrooms as opposed to the sliced ones then I slice it myself. Outcome: Bigger Chunks!)
- Green and Red Bell Pepper (Diced)
- An array of Herbs (Parsley, Basil Leaves, Oregano, Tarragon, Black Pepper and Rosemary)
- Grated Cheese
- Garlic and Onions


1. Saute ingredients in a non-stick pan, use a bit of olive oil.
2. Add the whisked eggs
3. Top with cheese
4. Envelope into an omelette

Easy peasy right? I have yet to master the art of flipping eggs so forgive the not so beautiful outcome. The important thing is that it tastes really good. Just enough to fill anyone's hungry stomach.

Note: My omelette is so chunky because I put a lot of ingredients in one go, don't go crazy over the filling. :P

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