Grilled Honey Bananas

For the banana lovers out there, here is something quick and easy to do this wonderful Sunday! I could have this as an early morning snack or a great after meal dessert. It's up to you! Personally, I don't like plain bananas so adding a bit of honey and cinnamon make a great difference.


- Bananas
- 1 teaspoon honey
- Water
- Cinnamon


- Slice bananas diagonally
- Grill! (I used a non-stick grill pan with a teensy bit of olive oil)

Grill marks
I got distracted and I wasn't able to turn the bananas quickly. A good 1 to 2 minutes each side would suffice. ;) 

- Once done, set aside.
- Combine honey and water, whisk well.
- Drizzle mixture on top, add a dash of cinnamon (I got carried away with the cinnamon :P)

Serve! :) Best enjoyed with Iced Calamansi Tea!

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