When I was in high school, I used to write a blog with topics as mundane as my feelings to the more serious things in life. I could write just about anything, baring all the angst, drama and carefree thoughts that I have for the whole web to read. Somehow, things changed. I lost my writing mojo. I would spend hours staring at the blinking cursor and I couldn't even write a single paragraph. Writing has been overwhelming for me that at some point in my career, it has become a weary job. I would write blog posts and news about scientific instruments, medical jargon and other things that sadly I really don't have a clue. It become so daunting to write something raw, candid or personal.

Here I am now, back to square one. I even bought a domain to inspire myself to write more, explore new places or share random discoveries. I guess, you'll read more about me on my little space.

Happy, Grateful and Blessed.
My happiness journal on the web. 
Healthy living at its finest.
Adventures, travels, and/or matters
of the heart

Adorable pets doing not so adorable
Sunday Cooking. Learning how to
cook, one recipe at a time
Wonderful Eats and Discoveries.
Happy Tummy. 

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