Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies

It only takes a few ingredients to whip up these bad boys.

Just a side note, it's a Sunday and I can't help but feel thankful, grateful and blessed with the start of the year. There are so much things to look forward to this year and I'm just excited. I still feel giddy when people would compliment the dishes I make and when they express their sincere interest. So, thank you! :) Happy Sunday All! As the saying goes "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content". Make your Sundays count!

Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Crustless Quiche

Long time no see! 23 days late for a Happy New Year greeting but still, Happy New Year All! It has been a busy month but I am not complaining. I am just delighted to finally have the time to cook, eat and blog.

Let me start off with this great breakfast dish that you can make this weekend. It's filling, cheesy but most of all yummy!