Breakfast Sandwich

I often find myself skipping breakfast, mostly due to time and my lack of desire to eat fast food. Luckily, I've come across a recipe that I can actually prepare the night before. Ingredients are simple and easy to prepare. Eggs can also be boiled the night before. Since I'm quite picky with my meat, I would heat the ham and cook the bacon in the morning. Reheat the sandwich in a toaster and you're good to go! ;)

Buttered Shrimp

You know how sometimes you want something a bit different for lunch. No offense on the staple Nilagang Baka and Sinigang. Sinigang na Hipon is actually one of my favourites. I thought we could make some fancy schmancy Buttered Shrimp. There's actually nothing fancy on this dish but it looks so appetising when it's done. Thank you plating and lighting! :P

Make Your Own Pizza Boats

Ah, Fridays! I was finally able to make time to cook something anything for this blog. Woah! It's already the third month of the year and I feel that there are more things in store for this year. Crazy! I've been hoarding recipes, listing ingredients and itching to cook something but I wasn't able to do any for the past month. Blame it on my vacation hangover, if only I could travel and eat for the better part of the year, I would! ;)

So today, I made my own pizza boat. If you noticed, I've been doing different renditions of pizza -- from tortilla crust to a homemade one and now this pizza boat. My love for pizza is evident. Haha! It's a full meal in itself and you can just chuck any ingredient you want on top.