Breakfast Sandwich

I often find myself skipping breakfast, mostly due to time and my lack of desire to eat fast food. Luckily, I've come across a recipe that I can actually prepare the night before. Ingredients are simple and easy to prepare. Eggs can also be boiled the night before. Since I'm quite picky with my meat, I would heat the ham and cook the bacon in the morning. Reheat the sandwich in a toaster and you're good to go! ;)

What do you need?

- Tomatoes, Sliced
- Button Mushrooms
- Green Bell Peppers
- Sliced Olives
- Walnut Wheat Bread (the one from French Baker is actually good)
- Boiled Egg, Sliced
- Sliced Cheese
- Sweet Ham
- Bacon

It's so easy to throw this thing together. I placed it inside a sandwich bag to eat at work but I wasn't even halfway to my destination when I found myself, wolfing down this delicious eat. It kept me full until lunchtime. Another tip, instead of using a walnut wheat bread, you can buy whole wheat muffins for variety. You can also add sauted spinach to make your sandwich à la Florentine. The possibilities are limitless. It doesn't even have to be just a breakfast sandwich, whip up something different for lunch or dinner. Play with ingredients including the meat and the veggies. I cannot wait to come up with new sandwich combinations!

Directions? See photos below ;)

Now, there is no more excuse to skip breakfast or make do with boring food. ;)

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