Buttered Shrimp

You know how sometimes you want something a bit different for lunch. No offense on the staple Nilagang Baka and Sinigang. Sinigang na Hipon is actually one of my favourites. I thought we could make some fancy schmancy Buttered Shrimp. There's actually nothing fancy on this dish but it looks so appetising when it's done. Thank you plating and lighting! :P


- Shrimp
- A stick of Butter
- Garlic (lots of it! :P), diced
- Onions, chopped
- Basil, chopped
- Red Bell Pepper, diced
- A wedge of lemon
- Chili powder
- Black Pepper


- Melt butter in a pan
- Sauté garlic, onions, bell pepper
- Add your shrimp
- Sprinkle with chopped basil
- Add pepper and chili powder according to your liking
- Add the lemon wedge while cooking
- Stir and cook shrimp until it turns orange

There you go! Serve hot with a steaming cup of rice!

You may choose to peel and devein the shrimp but since I'm lazy, I did not do it ;) Besides, if you want something quick then just forego the peeling and deveining.

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