Pizza Baguette

My love for pizza is not intentional. I can't even remember when I started liking this dish. All I know, I love making (and eating) it with lots of mushrooms and green bell pepper. Today, I'm presenting you with an easy recipe for days that you just don't want to order the usual or when you just want to eat something homemade. Play it up. Add your favourite ingredients, experiment with the sauce or even make your own dough. No judgment at all. 

Calamansi Basil Slushy

Long time no see! I haven't had the time to properly sit down, cook and update this little blog. I'm still in a daze, thinking about my recent vacation (which was beyond lovely!) and the places I would like to go to next (I think I got bitten by the travel bug). Thank God, I have such a reliable travel buddy (Thanks M :-*) who made the trip the best one yet and at the same time took care of me while I'm still recovering from my sickness (Bad cough and cold! :|)

We went to this quaint town called Coron in Palawan. It was amazing!!! I got to do some legitimate snorkeling (if you know me, I'm not much fond of the sea and do not enjoy this kind of activity but this time, I actually had fun!), was able to go up Mt. Tapyas, tried the hot spring and enjoyed good food.

Aren't vacations just delightful?