Calamansi Basil Slushy

Long time no see! I haven't had the time to properly sit down, cook and update this little blog. I'm still in a daze, thinking about my recent vacation (which was beyond lovely!) and the places I would like to go to next (I think I got bitten by the travel bug). Thank God, I have such a reliable travel buddy (Thanks M :-*) who made the trip the best one yet and at the same time took care of me while I'm still recovering from my sickness (Bad cough and cold! :|)

We went to this quaint town called Coron in Palawan. It was amazing!!! I got to do some legitimate snorkeling (if you know me, I'm not much fond of the sea and do not enjoy this kind of activity but this time, I actually had fun!), was able to go up Mt. Tapyas, tried the hot spring and enjoyed good food.

Aren't vacations just delightful?

For the most part of the trip, we were drinking fresh calamansi juice! It was so refreshing. One of the restaurants we visited even had this drink called Calamansi Basil Slushy. It was refreshing although it has a strong basil flavour (which I guess is not for everyone's taste buds) but I genuinely liked it! It tastes almost the same as what my Mum would make at home.

Today's #SundayCooking features my version of this drink. It wasn't spot on but it still tasted refreshing, sweet and just a hint of basil that is not too overpowering.
My version of Calamansi Basil Slushy. 
Calamansi Basil Slushy - PHP 100 (Sinugba sa Balay)

What you'll need?

- A cup of freshly squeezed calamansi juice
- Sweet Basil
- Ice (Lots!)
- 1 cup water
- 1 cup brown sugar


Make the sugar syrup by combining the brown sugar and water. Let it simmer until the sugar is fully dissolved. Remove from the heat and add some basil. Let it cool.

In a blender, combine ice, calamansi juice, chopped sweet basil and a cup of sugar syrup. Add more ice or syrup according to your liking. Serve in a mason jar for added drama! :P

Have a delightful week ahead! ;) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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