How to apply for a Japan Visa (Tourist without Guarantor)

When the opportunity came to go to Japan this year, I hesitated. I thought the extra work of getting a visa would be a hassle and I would just pass up. Then it got me thinking, with a Philippine passport, there are so many countries that requires a visa so might as well start now and perhaps build my travel reputation ;)

Fortunately, applying for a Japan Visa is easy breezy. I submitted the most basic requirements and got my visa after three working days.

Here's a guide on how to apply for a Tourist Japan Visa with No Guarantor.

Date of Application: September 4, 2015
Visa Received: September 9, 2015

1. Research. 

There are countless of information available over the web. Personally, I like reading blogs because they provide a firsthand experience of the application process. Still, it's better to start with the most credible source -- the Japanese Embassy website. It outlines the requirements and the accredited travel agencies where you could apply for your Japan visa.

2. Gather the Requirements.

-  Valid Philippine Passport (Don't forget to fill out the emergency contact page located at the last page of your passport)

-  Accomplished Visa Application Form (I downloaded and filled out the form beforehand but the travel agency also has a copy of this form.)

- Photo (2x2 with white background)

- Birth Certificate (original copy requested from NSO)

- Daily Schedule in Japan or Schedule of Stay (Here's a sample *mock* itinerary)

- Bank Certificate (I requested a copy from my bank and they charged me P100 for a copy)

- Income Tax Return (Form 2316)

That's it. I didn't include any flight details, hotel reservations or certificate of employment.

3. Pass the requirements to your chosen accredited travel agency.

I applied in Reli Travel Tours in SM Southmall. They checked my requirements, paid P950 and gave me a slip for claiming. After three days, I received a text message that my passport is ready for claiming.

Note: They will not disclose if your Visa is approved or denied through text message or call. You will get the results upon claiming for confidentiality and security purposes.

I was granted Single Entry, 15 Day Stay valid for three months.


Happy Travels Everyone! :)

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