Bacon Chorizo Potato Salad

Today on the blog: Making your comfort food and just being grateful ;) I've been feeling down in the dumps lately, an excuse for me to just go ahead and eat anything (I'm looking at you Potato Corner fries!!!). I'm always stressed and annegry. Although, whenever I feel whiny and mad, I would also realise how grateful I should be about everything that is happening to me right now. I know that life could be many times better but in my current state, I am grateful that I'm in a good place even if I don't realise or admit it often.

Gratitude is such a powerful feeling. You won't believe how many times I've been saved by practising it! Just wanted to remind myself and my readers of it, Be grateful and thankful even of the littlest of things! It would make a lot of difference in your life!

On another note, food does make a big difference not only in one's life but on one's stomach as well! :P A comfort food like no other – creamy, sweet and tangy potato salad. It is something you can make over the weekend, stuff inside your fridge and take out whenever you feel the need to consume comfort food.  In this case, they consumed everything in one sitting. I have to replenish and buy ingredients for a bigger batch next time ;)

Bacon Chorizo Potato Salad

2 pcs. chorizo, diced
1 pack of bacon crumble

2 packs of baby potatoes, boiled until softened

4 hard boiled eggs, chopped

spring onion, thinly sliced
celery, chopped

1 tablespoon of horseradish mustard (or any type of mustard)

1 bottle of kewpie mayonnaise (1/2 the fat variety)

salt and pepper

In a pan, heat up the chorizo and bacon crumble over high heat. Do this until the chorizo and bacon crumble is brown and crispy. Set aside and let it cool. 

In a bowl, toss together the chorizo, bacon crumble, baby potatoes, spring onions, celery, eggs and spring onion. Mix with kewpie mayonnaise and mustard. Add salt and pepper to taste. Toss well!

Put inside your refrigerator. 

Serve cold and eat well. xx

The taste of the dish really stands out because we used Kewpie mayo instead of the regular mayo. Oh and the added mustard really brings a bite of tang and flavour to the overall taste, so don't skip it! :P

Well, this is my stop! See you after a week! xx

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