Sydney in Photos Part I: Chinese Garden of Friendship

I said that I would write something while I'm on vacation but obviously that did not happen. I was either too enthralled by the sights or too tired from all the walking. Oh, Sydney, how can I even start? If I would have to choose a new favourite city, Sydney will win hands down (Sorry Hong Kong). There are just too many sights to see and lots of scenes to immerse yourself.

It's the kind of place where you want to live and never want to leave. 

I was there for a month and I feel that I didn't even scratch the surface. There were so many stories to tell, so many mishaps to share, and so many lessons to learn.

I had so many photos to show (!!!) and here's just a part of it.

One of the best places we've been to in the city would be the Chinese Garden of Friendship. To begin with, we didn't even plan to go. I was hesitant at first because I thought admission is free but there's a
$6 ticket price for Adults (which by the way is definitely worth it). We were there around one in the afternoon on a Wednesday and there were only a few people inside save for a few tourists, couples and locals who are just enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the place.

It's the best place to kill time — read a book, rest or just admire the scenery. To think this place is located at the middle of the bustling Sydney city. An ideal escape indeed.

Once inside, you wouldn't even think that you are in the concrete jungle. You would be serenaded by the birds chirping, water rushing and wind blowing in the background. The only dead giveaway would be the towering buildings that you can see overhead.

Portraits or windows? 

I felt really giddy seeing lots of white ibis birds! They are everywhere literally everywhere!

You've got to give credit to the architecture of the place. The blend of stones, rocks, plants, and water, put together a really marvelous landscape.

Pretty good spot to read a book or spend some alone time.

One of my favourites! There's something majestic about this red pagoda! 

The abundance of willow trees completes the whole look and feel of the place. 

Behind this beautiful dragon wall is a teahouse and dim sum place. Note to self: Try this next time!

Throw a coin, make a wish ;)

Bonsai Garden

Plus, the $6 admission is good for a day so go as many times as you like ;)

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