Cafe Spotting: The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydney prides itself of its brunch culture. With hundreds of cafes flocking the city, finding the right one could be a bother. Thankfully, there are such places that we can consider as go-to or must-visits, one of which is The Grounds of Alexandria. Aside from being a café, a restaurant, and a nice outdoor eating spot, The Grounds has a lot of other things to offer such as pretty interiors and exteriors, luscious greens, and even rustic feels. Not to mention they serve up some of the best nutella doughnuts and most refreshing lemonades!

The downside, this place can get pretty crowded especially during the weekends. If your schedule permits, time your visit away from the peak days (usually weekends). Go on a Thursday just before noon to get the most out of your visit. Plus the doughnut cart is open! :P

On the other hand, during weekends they would have The Grounds Market, where around 80 stallholders would sell their unique and local wares to the general public. It's up to you if you want to brave the crowds but I can say this place definitely deserves a visit or two.

At The Grounds, there is a plethora of food and drink options available. They have the Potting Shed, the Cafe, and the Garden. If you are not really hungry and just fancy a snack then you can take your pick from their various food carts. There are hot and freshly made doughnuts, flavourful yet refreshing lemonades, and enticing but delicious pastries. While you're at it, order a cup of coffee to go with your pastry.
Every inch of the place is beautiful. The space is well-curated and a feast for the eyes. I think I just went overboard and just took a lot of photos. Aside from food and drinks, another thing that visitors would enjoy especially the kids would be their mini animal farm and playhouse.
They also have their in house flower shop called The Florist. In this shop, you can buy anything from sunflowers to hand painted rainbow roses. They also sell journals, bath salts and homemade teas.
We spent a good time wandering around the grounds. Taking lots of photos, partaking in good food and just basking in the sun. I observed that they have a pretty diverse clientele including mothers with prams, couples, and the occasional tourists. I spotted an old lady at the corner, sipping her coffee and reading a book. The place is so inviting that I wouldn't mind staying for a few more hours.

I couldn't wait to be back and I'm really looking forward to my next visit ;)

Sharing a few more snaps to end this blog post.
Oh, did I mention they are pet friendly too?
How to get there:

From Central, take the Airport Line to Green Square Station. Head on over to Bourke Rd, stay on this path (a leisurely 10-15 minute walk) until you see The Grounds at your right.


The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley St,
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Phone: (02) 9699 2225

Instagram: @thegrounds

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