Baked Chicken Katsu

How do you imagine a perfect lunch? For me, it's as simple as having chicken karaage (made by the fiance) and store-bought garlic sauce, coupled with hot steaming rice. Nothing fancy but ultimately memorable. For the last few weeks, I've been randomly reading recipes on food that I want to cook in the near future. I have this internal panic that I want to be a good wife and be able to serve something edible to my soon to be husband. I imagine that there would still be days where we could order in pizza or go out for dinner (A welcome break from dish cleaning! Something that I am not too keen to do :P) but for the most part I want to do some real cooking.

Sydney Observatory Hill (+ Life Lately)

I kept reminding myself to regularly write a post but it has been nine months since my last entry and I have no excuse. I wanted to say that I'm busy but I know that everyone else is busy with this thing called life and work. Anyway, all is well in my part of the world (and I hope yours is too). So many good things have been happening to me and I am immensely grateful :)

The day before my flight back to Manila, I went to this park that offers a different view of the Harbour bridge. It has been saved on my must-go list for quite a while but was only able to go that particular day.