Sydney Observatory Hill (+ Life Lately)

I kept reminding myself to regularly write a post but it has been nine months since my last entry and I have no excuse. I wanted to say that I'm busy but I know that everyone else is busy with this thing called life and work. Anyway, all is well in my part of the world (and I hope yours is too). So many good things have been happening to me and I am immensely grateful :)

The day before my flight back to Manila, I went to this park that offers a different view of the Harbour bridge. It has been saved on my must-go list for quite a while but was only able to go that particular day.

I remember feeling sad that I have to leave again, but a big part of me felt really thankful to be there at that very moment. I aimlessly wandered around The Rocks, just soaking in the view and the breezy weather.
As I walked straight Argyle street, I followed the sign that points you to Observatory Hill, after that just follow the uphill path. I saw a lot of people exercising at the bottom of the hill. Once you get to the top, you will be welcomed with the splendid view. It's quite sunny and windy but you will be enveloped by the shades of the trees. There were a lot of benches, but all were occupied at the time. I followed what the other locals were doing, laid my jacket and just sat on the grass. It's so freeing to sit still and not think about anything. It also serves as nice spot to people-watch. I spied people practising yoga, napping, eating lunch or simply enjoying the nice weather with a significant other.
If you happened to be in Sydney, this is a place that you should visit, it is walking distance from Circular Quay and The Rocks. Bring a blanket, some snacks and make it a picnic. :)

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